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Student Dress Code (HCS Policy JFCA)

Hunter B. Andrews students are not required to wear a uniform; however, all students are expected to maintain good grooming habits and appropriate dress. Clothing and accessories should promote a positive image, be of acceptable social standards, and should not be offensive or distracting to the learning environment. Discretion should be exercised by parents and students when choosing articles of clothing such as current fashion fads that are distracting to the learning environment.

Students failing to comply with the Student Dress Code will be advised accordingly. These students may be detained in the office by the building administrator/designee until the parent brings a change of clothing or the parent permits the student to return home to change. The school staff reserves the right to rule on clothing fads, symbols and articles. The interpretation of the building administrator/designee shall be final.

Dressing appropriately helps keep the focus where it should be.
  1. The following clothing will not be worn by students in school:

    • Gym suits or gym uniforms, except for gym classes or special events.

    • Tank tops, halter-tops, tube tops, fishnet shirts or tops, strapless dresses or dresses and tops with narrow shoulder straps.

    • Stretch lycra, spandex or nylon tights, leotards, biker pants, biker shorts, or cutoffs worn as outer garments.

    • Clothing jewelry, accessories or other items of adornment displaying obscene or violent themes, designs, or pictures; conveys sexually suggestive, alcohol, or drug-related messages; contains profanity; or any clothing that is hazardous or distractive to the normal operation of the school.

    • Shirts, blouses or dresses which expose the midriff, navel or cleavage.

    • Underwear worn as outer garments or clothing that exposes underwear.

    • Curlers, picks, combs, or rakes in the hair.

    • Headgear and sunglasses of any kind that are not related to or required by the student’s bona fide religious practices or medical condition.

    • Clothing that sags below the waistline or must be held in place with the hands.

    • Students may not wear shirts as dresses.

2. Students may wear hemmed walking shorts, shorts, split skirts, skirts, or dresses reaching at least to the tips of the fingers with both the students’ hands [extended down] at their side.

3. Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times in school buildings. Bedroom slippers are prohibited and shoes must be fastened with the appropriate closures. Elementary school aged children are required to wear shoes that enclose the entire foot. Shoes should not pose a health or safety hazard to students. Appropriate footwear must be worn during physical education activities.

4. Students will be required to wear uniform dress in schools with School Board approved uniform dress codes.

5. Students will not be allowed to wear or carry clothing, jewelry, accessories or other items of adornment that interfere with the instructional process, present a health or safety hazard, or could be used as a weapon.