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welcome Rising 9th graders

What are The Academies of Hampton?

The Academies of Hampton provides students with a clear path for graduation and a smooth transition from high school to postsecondary college and careers. Students become part of a group of individuals who complete courses together, share similar interests, and desire to learn about a specific career field. Each academy provides a highly personalized, small learning community, where students learn English, science, math, social studies, and meet all graduation requirements within the theme of their academy. The academies also offer advance placement courses, dual enrollment courses, and industry certification exams that may count as college credits depending on the college or apprentice program students attend and the major they pursue.

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important dates:

  • January 4, 2018 - Middle School College & Career Exploratory Fair
  • January 18, 2018 - Rising Ninth Grade Academy Night
    • Bethel High School -6 PM
  • February 6, 2018 - Movin' on Up: Transition Night at Hunter B. Andrews
    • For rising KG students, 6th graders, and 9th graders (more information to come)
    • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • March 2, 2018 - Rising Ninth Grade Academy Application Deadline (all applications due to Mrs. Moore, School Counselor)


Rising ninth graders applying to an accelerated college preparatory academy or a career-themed academy that is not at their zoned school must follow the process described below.

  • The Academies of Hampton Rising 9th Grade Student Application Packet An application is only required for students who already know which academy they want to attend in their sophomore year, it is not at their zoned high school, and they want to attend that high school as a ninth grader.
  • Accelerated college preparatory programs. The applications for the accelerated college preparatory programs have program specific applications, academic prerequisite requirements, and deadlines that must be met.

IB Application

ACE Application

Gifted Enrichment Seminar Application (available Jan. 11)

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