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3120 Victoria Boulevard Hampton, VA 23661 | Principal: Mr. Mario Barkley

Phone: (757) 268-3333

Fax: (757) 727-2308

Registrar: bevans@hampton.k12.va.us

School hours: 8 am - 4 pm

Student hours: 9am - 3:49pm

Assistant Principals:

Mrs. Mindy Long, PreK-2

Mr. Sharif Hicks, 3rd - 5th

Dr. Janice Richision, 6th - 8th


Welcome to Hunter B. Andrews PreK-8 School located in Hampton, Virginia. We are a neighborhood public school serving over 1,000 students from Pre-Kindergarten through 8th Grade. As a Title I school, we have reading, math and behavior specialists, as well as a family engagement specialist to assist students and their families so that all can thrive in our community.

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Important Information...


Last Call to pick up student's personal items

  • Call 757-268-3333 and press option for MAIN OFFICE (Tuesday or Thursday 8am-12pm) to make appointment. If you reach the voicemail, please leave a message and the office staff will return your call to confirm a pick up time.
  • Pick Up appointments will be on Tuesday or Thursday 8am-12pm. Walk Ups will not be taken.
  • Only 1 parent/guardian will be admitted to retrieve personal belongings. Please refrain from bringing students with you for pick up.
  • Last day to pick up personal belongings is June 4th!

Student Work

  • Parents of students who have completed packets for grades PreK-4 should hold on to Alternative Learning Packets.
  • Students in Grades 5-8 (and some lower grades) must be submitted via Google Classroom no later than June 1st.

High School Credit Bearing Class Grades

If you are the parent of a student currently enrolled in a high school credit course(s). As a result, a decision needs to be made next week regarding if you wish to receive a Pass/Incomplete or continue to receive a traditional letter grade for high school credit course(s). Parents should have received a letter in the mail with a copy of their child's current courses. The letter contained instructions on how to select a traditional grade (A,B,C,D,F) instead of a "Pass" or "Incomplete."

Below is the link to the google form mentioned in the letter you received. The google form should only be completed if the parent and student wishes for the student to receive a letter grade (A,B,C,D,F) in one or more courses. If the student desires to keep the Pass/Incomplete grade, no action will be required. The form should not be completed.

The google form will be open from June 3rd until 5pm on June 5th. If you are unable to access the form, please reach out to your school counselor by June 5th if you wish to receive a traditional grade. There will be no exceptions or adjustments made following the June 5th date.

To be sure that you are prepared to make this decision, you should check your grades for each course in the student or parent portal. Letter grades will be calculated in the grade point average (GPA) based on Hampton School Board Policy IKC. This grade will appear as the quarter 3 grade in the portal.The course credit earned by passing, using Pass or Incomplete, will be excluded from the student’s GPA calculation. All grade choices, whether traditional or Pass/Incomplete, will appear on the student's high school transcript.


The link will ONLY be open June 3-5, 2020