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The primary focus of school nursing is to be an advocate for children’s health and safety within the educational setting.

The decision for medical care rests with the parents and parents are always contacted to take their child home or to the doctor as the need arises. Transportation for students is also a parent responsibility. We hope that your child’s school experience will be happy and rewarding. A portion of the school curriculum is devoted to teaching healthy behaviors, which hopefully will become life-long habits and help prevent the need for costly medical care.


*Important Reminders*

6th graders are required to have Tdap immunizations prior to starting 7th grade. They may get this shot anytime during the 6th grade year. This immunization may be given by your child’s primary care doctor or free of charge at the Hampton Health Department. It is important that we receive documentation stating that the immunization has been given PRIOR to the start of 7th grade. For more information on the Hampton Health Department, please visit: www.vdh.virginia.gov/LHD/Hampton/faq.htm (updated 11/26/18)